First up is the theory and hazard perception test. This has to be passed before you can book your practical driving test so it’s good to get it out the way as soon as possible.

Theory Test

To book you theory test you will need a valid provisional license.

The theory test consists firstly 50 multiple choice questions. You need to get 43 of these correct within 57mins to pass this part of the theory.

Hazard Perception

Straight after the multiple choice section comes your hazard perception test. This contains 14 video clips at about 1 min each long on computer. Each clip shows everyday road scenes with developing hazards in them. You must identify these hazards as soon as possible by clicking the mouse. The earlier you click the mouse in response to the hazards the higher score you will achieve.

There are 15 hazards in all to identify and you can score up to 5 points on each. You will need to score at least 44 out of a possible 75 to pass.

How to Book and Prices

To book your theory and practical tests you can either by telephone by contacting the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) on 0870 0101 372 or you can book online through their website.

Theory and hazard perception tests

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Practical test

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Practical Driving Test

The first part of the practical consists of an eyesight check where you need to be able to read a car number plate from 20.5 meters away. Failure to do so will result in the test being cancelled.

You will then be asked a couple of show me tell me questions. These are maintenance and safety questions about the car and getting them or one wrong will result in a minor fault.

Then comes the driving. The practical driving test lasts around 40mins and the examiner will take you round a test route designed to cover all the things covered in your driving lessons. You will need to prove to the examiner that you can drive safely and confidently in all different situations. The driving test will also include two out of the four manoeuvres and 1 in 3 get asked to do an emergency stop.

In order to pass you will need no more than 15 minors and no serious or dangerous faults.