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Our Intensive Driving Courses

Premier Drive’s intensive driving courses are quite simply designed to get you through your test quicker. They are recommended for people who don’t have much spare time but want to learn hard during a week’s holiday that they have coming up etc. They can be tailor-made to suit your requirements and availability. Intensive courses are usually done completed over a week and semi-intensive over 2-3 weeks for those of you with a bit more time. The number of hours you require depends on your current standard.

Is it for you?

If you’ve passed your theory test and pressed for time then YES ✓

If you have not passed your theory test you need to take in to account that there is usually on average a 1-2 week waiting list for a theory test and a 3-4 week wait for a practical. You still have options though.

Option 1

Start taking weekly regular driving lessons and then intensify them once you have passed your theory and nearing your practical test date.

Option 2

Start your Intensive or semi-intensive course now and study and pass your theory test as soon as possible. Then decrease your hours depending on your level of ability nearing your practical test date.

How they work!

Apply to the DVLA to get your provisional licence. The cost is currently £34. Apply online →

Study and pass your theory. We can recommend these apps in order to revise for it. You can also start weekly driving lessons now if you have time. This will mean your intensive course will require less hours once you are ready for it.

Run our course finder app. This will give you a rough idea on which one of our intensive course would suit you. Run now!

Book an assessment lesson.This will give you an opportunity to meet your instuctor before committed to an intensive. We can also look at possible dates and times for the intensive and practical driving test. Book now!

Pay your depsoit. If you are happy to go ahead we would require a £150 non refundable desposit. This is so we can secure dates and times for your intensive and to book a driving test for the end of your course.

Pay the remaining balance Two weeks before your intensive starts we will require payment of the remaining balance for your intensive driving course.

Take your intensive course and your practical driving test and hopefully PASS!

Still not sure

Visit our frequently asked questions page for more information