Check out this list of some of our most frequently asked questions!

Premier Drive’s intensive driving courses are quite simply designed to get you through your test quicker. They are recommended for people who don’t have much spare time but want to learn hard during a week’s holiday that they have coming up etc. Intensive courses are usually completed over 1-2 week and semi-intensive over 2-3 weeks for those of you with a bit more time. The number of hours you require depends on your current standard.

Ideally, with an intensive driving course, we want your practical test booked in as close to it as possible. If you haven’t passed your theory we cant unfortunately book your test. You would also need to take into account that there is usually on average a 1-2 week waiting list for a theory test and a 3-4 week wait for a practical. You still have options though. Option 1: Start taking weekly regular driving lessons and then intensify them once you have passed your theory and nearing your practical test date. Option 2: Start your Intensive or semi-intensive course now and study and pass your theory test as soon as possible. Then decrease your hours depending on your level of ability nearing your practical test date.

We offer many different courses with various amounts of hours to take into account a range of different driving abilities. I would always recommend booking an assessment lesson to find the right course for you to get you up to test standard.

A typical intensive day consists of 5 hours per day. (2.5 hours in the morning, 1-hour break and 2.5 hours in the afternoon). For example, if you needed 20 hours this would usually be completed in 4 days over a week. If you needed 40 hours, this would be completed in 8 days spread out over 2 weeks. The last hour would normally be your practical driving test.

Depending on where you live I can either drop you back at home or in town for your break. I would then pick you up an hour later.

If you are unfortunate enough to fail your test we would get another test booked in. Depending on what you fail on we can book in some extra hours to make sure you’re confident for next time. Please note booking another test and extra hours would be an additional cost.

Premier Drive does not offer ‘a guaranteed pass’ as there is no such thing. Everyone that goes for the driving test is tested via an independent government body the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency. Therefore nobody can be guaranteed to pass. Companies offering guaranteed pass schemes are normally charging you for an additional 3 driving tests when hopefully you will only need one!

No. In order to reserve an intensive driving course, I would require a non-refundable £150 deposit. I would then invoice you for the final balance which will be due to be paid in full 2 weeks before your intensive start date

The prices quoted online does not include the cost of the practical driving test which is an additional £62. We don’t include the cost of the practical driving test as some customers already have a test booked which they have arranged and already paid for themself.